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November 5, 2010 / Nik Nik

Welcome to my kitchen-life!

Lately I’ve been fascinated  by blogs. Mainly cooking and baking blogs – well actually many different types of blogs – but the food ones are the ones to which I keep returning.

A couple of the reasons for my the development of my fascination are that I have recently moved to a new town, on the Central Coast of California, and haven’t yet managed to make new friends here – and did I mention that I recently married my sweetheart.

It feels like a very different life, and extra time on my hands seems to be spent either cooking for my new family (who don’t seem to mind), and visiting Freshly Pressed searching out new ideas for dinner and dessert.

Since cooking for others and eating are two things I consistently attain joy from, it seems only logical that food is mostly what I plan to discuss here. Oh, and hopefully to photograph it too.

Decadent Chocolate Raspberry Cake

Decadent Chocolate Raspberry Cake

I’ll be back with more soon, but meanwhile here’s this to be going on with.

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