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Contact: You can email me at cleverinthekitchen @ gmail (dot) com. I’ll be happy to hear from you.

Update June, 2015 – I’ve gone keto… that is a ketogenic diet. What that looks like for me is Low Carb – High Fat (LCHF), so this blog will now document details of my journey with that way of eating (WOE).

I started this WOE last week after realizing that I’ve gained 40 lbs (about 18kg) since 2009, and getting a triglyceride reading showing my levels were borderline, and was warned that I was on my way to becoming diabetic. As a confirmed carboholic, that’s not so surprising, but it is scary.

Of course, I knew I’d gained weight before that, but the risks hadn’t hit home yet. I’ve since tried a couple of different diets, shedding about 10 lbs in total. Each time I would fall off the wagon and revert to my not so helpful habits, so I’ve decided that I needed a new eating style, rather than a diet.

My research on LCHF tells me that it’s a way of eating that works for many thousands of people, and that it could be a sustainable way for me to lose some weight, but more importantly gain lots of health, and better blood panel readings.

When I began LCHF last week I weighed 176.6 lbs (80 kgs) and 8 days later I’m 170.8 lbs (77.2 kgs). You can track my weight progress at my Track my losses page

Thanks for stopping by Clever in the Kitchen. I’ve spent many years trying to work out what I’m passionate about and until recently didn’t consider the fact that I love to cook as one of my passions. I’m a 48 53 year old Australian living on the Central Coast of California.  In June of 2010 I married for the first time, and find myself no longer really enjoying cooking for my new family.

In my 20s I made a 3 tier chocolate raspberry genoise & ganache wedding cake for a friend, which felt both scary and exciting. She was really happy with it (I was mostly happy with it – as is usually the case for me), and I’ve been experimenting for the 20 years since.  After spending months reading many different blogs, mostly about food and cooking I decided to create my own to share my passion. My cooking is often from scratch, but sometimes the contents of various cans and packets make it into a dish.  I think scratch is better, but time is sometimes limited, so I try to be realistic about what I can achieve in the kitchen, and still have a life.

I enjoy most foods, and especially fresh vegetables.  I’ve been know to cook 7 different vegetables with dinner, in 3 different ways – but these days realize I don’t want to do all those dishes. All recipes posted on this site has been personally tested by me, so if you ever find an error in one, please be sure to let me know in a comment or email.

This blog is in its initial incarnation, and may change regularly until I’m either happy with it or just get over it.  Feel free to subscribe if you’re interested in keeping up with my kitchen adventures.

PHOTOS. Unless noted otherwise, all of the photos are taken by me, with my little Lumix P & S or my Android mobile phone camera. I’m a total amateur when it comes to photography – obviously! But I am having fun learning. As I’m a Mac user I use Canva and Preview to make my photos a little easier on your eye.  If you’d like to use one of my photos, please let me know via comment or email, and I’ll be happy to see it on your site.

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